Origami the new graffiti | Mademoiselle Maurice

What is it?

Mademoiselle Maurice is born in the high mountains of Savoy, she is a French artist of 29 years. This woman has introduced a whole new way of street art. She creates a way of graffiti in a way with only colourful origami. Her installations, made up of thousands of hand folded origami pieces, have temporarily covered several urban surfaces throughout France, Italy, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Why is it cool?

It is cool because she does something different, wich make her stand out in the world of street art. After the tragic events in 2011: earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear power plant explosion in Fukushima she decided to do something different then the standard plastic urban works. She look to another side of the world now and wanted to show the world what beautifull things can do with the world. She wants to convey this through origami art everywhere on the street.

Why it has future growth potential?

Because the origami stays for the deteriorating world. People feel very involved with this subject. When people feel involved with a subject, they’re gonna to talk about it more. She also inspires other street artists. This may lead to a whole creative world.

Mademoiselle Maurice 4 Mademoiselle Maurice 3 Mademoiselle Maurice 2 Mademoiselle Maurice 1


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