One man, One million dollar and One goal | The Robin Hood Project

What is it?
‘It’ is one man, who has one million dollars and have one goal. He is giving away a million dollars of his own cash to people around the world just because he feels like it. Jayceon Terrell Taylor (better known in the world of hiphop as The Game) doesn’t just send a big check to a charity. He is looking for individuals that need it. More and more people in the music industry put money in his project. Every individual he has given money to, he post on instagram with the story and the amount of money he has given to him or her. He is called @therobinhoodproject and use in every post where he has giving money the hashtag #Therobinhoodproject. 

Why is it cool?
The Robin Hood project is not a normal charity but just one man. One man can make a difference and that is something a lot of people don’t believe. This goal he has is promoted over the social web and most of all instagram. It’s interesting to read the stories he post. Also it is cool because this man is already famous and have a lot of fans, but now he is seeing as a hero for a lot of fans. 

Why it has future growth potential?
When you read the stories about the little kids that are died or a kid who is fighting against cancer in a pour land. You want to help it, or at least stay informed of the project. So he gets more and more followers, it is getting famous and is it better funded by people who getting to know the project. 

A few examples of the instagram posts.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor (The game):

Social media used: Instagram


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