The new ‘Hot or Not’ | Tinder

What is it?
Tinder is the new dating app for young people. When you install the app you need to connect with your facebook account. Here takes the app information on you. Based on this information the app suggests matches. Do you like a photo you press ‘Like’, when you don’t like anyone you can press ‘None’. When both pressed ‘like’, you have a match and can start talking to each other. It’s the principe of the ‘Hot or Not’ game but then with the interactions. 

Why it is cool?
It’s cool because people come in contact with each other. Without knowing each other you can judge someone only on how he or she looks like. When you have made a match it’s fun to talk to a complete stranger. Contact with someone and the possibillity to date with other people is for a lot of singles very important. 

Why it had future growing potential?
The people on the social web want to make contact with each other. With this app it’s made easier for the ones that are not social skilled. For some people it’s just to look who is hot or not and never chat with anyone. This app can be used by everyone, even when you have a relation you can look just trough all the faces that come by.ImageImage



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