Your breakfast on Facebook | #FoodPorn

What is it?

Your egg with bacon on facebook? Or your nasi goreng on Instagram? It’s now all possible. There is a hype on social media where everybody post their food on the internet. It is also ensured that the food looks as beautiful as possible. This is made possible by many different editing programs. This hype is appointed by the term #FoodPorn.


Why is it cool? 

Everybody wants to share everything on the internet. What you’re doing, what you wear and now also what you eat. And then of course (like everything on social media) need to look super good and super nice. This is to get likes en responses about on how tasty it looks. And this is the a big thing on the social web.


Why it has future growing potential?

Earning likes on the social web is becoming increasingly important for people. Now it is easy to get likes only with foodphotography. More and more new technology to make things in your photos as beautiful as possible. So it can expand and become increasingly important for people on the social web.

A couple of examples of Foodporn on the internet.



My own instagram / facebook / twitter


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