Post your fashion | Trendabl

What is it?
Trendabl is an app that helps you find your style and helps you shop it together. It’s the principe of instagram but you can follow your favorite designers. The app tracks what you like, who you followed and what you shared. On this base the app shows you ‘the shop’ where you can see clothes, like them or buy them. This way you shop easely throught clothes only in your style.

Why is it cool?
You can share your clothes with everyone around the world and let them show your style. This way you can get followers and more likes, that is really important for some people. Also it’s cool because the shopping takes less time througt the app. What first take some days to find your perfect jeans, now only take one scroll to a page.

Why it had future growth potential?
People has a very busy life and want to looking good. But sometimes you don’t have the time to shop a nice warderobe. Now it is made easier, a way of shopping with only clothes you like. It can also grow through the designers who want to make their brand bigger. This is a perfect place to hype your brand.



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