What do you like to eat tonight? | TheCHEF

What is it?
TheCHEF is a product which helps you and your friends with cooking. It ensures that everyone has a task and enjoy the cooking. TheChef is a tool that you can put on your wrist and says what to do when you’re cooking. On the app you can divide the tasks with your friends. There are two basic functions: the recipe assistant and the shopping assistant. For the shopping assistant there is a list for the grocery. And for the recipe assistant there is a list of tasks that are need to be done.  The tasks are divided under washing, cutting, cleaning out, mixing, rolling out, cooking, setting the table, serving and washing the dishes. In the social network of the app, called theCOOKBOOK, you can change your profile and set your preferences in tasks. When you want to eat and cook together with your friends you just have to click on a recipe that everyone likes and all tasks are instantly divided.

Why is it cool?
When designers think about the future they often miss the part of future everyday life. People live smaller, their schedules are tighter and they have a structured way of living. In the future this all will be much extremer. The theme of cooking in this product and app is smart, it gives the people the opportunity of a way to eat fresh cooked food and have fun with their family and friends. Thus, the way of combine a social network with real life cooking makes this future product cool.

Why it has future growth potential?
The fun of cooking with each other but still have time over for other things in our busy lives is a big advantage of the app with the wireless unit. The wireless wrist unit is a good idea because you don’t have to look on your tablet or phone for the recipe when you are cooking. And another thing whereby theCHEF could be very popular is that it is connected by a social network called theCOOKBOOK. This helps you find your friends en family and make it more easier to ask them to cook with you. So what do you like to eat tonight?



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