Alone with others | EENMAAL

What is it?

EENMAAL is a popup restaurant in Amsterdam. It is the first one-person of the world. The goal of the restaurant is to make dining alone less uncomfortable. In the restaurant there are only tables with one chair. The whole space is left very rough. The floor has old-fashioned, brownish tiled floor and the walls are not plastered again. The lights are industrial because they hanging on power lines with only spots in it. The tables, however, are very sleek in their design. They are small black squares with a random chair next to it. As a whole it gives a very simple but sleek industrial look.

“The name Eenmaal was inspired by its meaning in Dutch which is both ‘one time’ and ‘one meal’, giving the name a subtle twist.” (

Why is it cool?

The restaurant tries rather than just offer you a plate of food to give you a meal of thoughts. Why is it so weird to go eat alone, while now you do so many things alone? And if you go to eat alone in a restaurant. You will feel very ashamed because it just happened that you sit next to a large group of friends. At EENMAAL you will feel less alone in your loneliness. Nobody will sits there with a big group of friends.

Why it has future growth potential?

Initiator, Marina van Goor, wanted to break the taboo of dining alone. This makes she clear by work out her own idea for the only restaurant in the world where you only can eat on your own. This could be that other restaurants are no longer look strange to you when you come alone. Once it may also be that people find this a good idea and will take over it.

Further Information:

Bos en Lommerweg 361

Reservations at or +31646355064






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