The One and Only Bedroom | HôTEL DROOG

What is it?

DROOG is a organization which designs products, events and projects. DROOG has now launched a project, called Hôtel Dry. Hôtel Droog is a hotel in a beautiful historic neighborhood in Amsterdam. This hotel has a Droog store, Gallery, Dining Room, Fairy Tale Garden, Beauty at Cosmania, Fashion at Kabinet and Products at Weltevree. And of course, there is a bedroom, but really only one bedroom. And of course that’s the whole idea behind Hôtel Droog. The idea that a hotel will no longer is just about sleeping. You can do everything at Hôtel Droog, yet there is only one bedroom.

Why is it cool?

They increase the aspect of the new hotel experience. Usually you think by a hotel at a normal bedroom and a night to sleep, but in recent years, more and more aspects became important in a hotel. So one want to a restaurant at his hotel, but also a shop, a spa and a garden. By Hôtel Droog  they increased all these aspects and emphasized. If they want to offer their hotel room they say “Sleep at the one and only bedroom”. Hôtel Droog is more a cultural meeting place than a hotel, and that is precisely the fun of it all.

Why it has future growth potential?

Hotels will be rapped on their knuckles. The reality is made a bit more clearly so people will start thinking. Would you prefer a good hotel room, or one with many more aspects of a hotel? The concept itself has a great chance to be very large. There are some designer shops in the building, a beautiful garden, a nice restaurant and even a nice hotel room. It is different from a normal hotel or shopping center where many people can come to.

Image The dining roomImageBeauty at CosmaniaImageFairy Tale GardenImageFashion at KabinetImageThe One and only BedroomImageThe GalleryImageProducts at WeltevreeImageDroog Store

* The Wellness Spa opening soon.



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