The Mini Market for Students | MINI M GROCERY SHOP

What is it?

Mini M is a neighborhood grocery store at the Toulouse University. A student organization for foodservice is working to expand the food variation for students. Now they have set up  Mini M grocery store in the university area. This store is not a normal supermarket, this supermarket is designed to stand out. Besides all the gray buildings surrounding this colorful cube on campus. The front of the building is orange, and the sides are green. On the top of the sides is as detail a fake canopy painted in blue and white. Inside everything looks even more colorful. The cash register is yellow, the ground is green and the shelves are blue with canopies above. The fruit is on simple wooden structures in bins. As a whole it looks positive and nice, it is based on a market but in a casual supermarket. Certainly different from the normal, typical, boring supermarkets.

Why is it cool?

It starts with its name, Mini M. Mini of course to its size, and M related to the role as a market. Mini M fulfills the desire of a supermarket on a campus, giving students the opportunity to have fresh food everyday. Also, Mini M is really a outstanding new project through its architecture. This gives the supermarket a clear identity for themselves.

Why it has future growth potential?

It definitely has a chance to grow to a larger concept. Students would like easy, fast and all the products they need in a supermarket. The supermarket is easy because it is simple in his format. It is fast because the market is literally on your doorstep. And the wide range because they have almost all supplies. It is a good concept and could be across multiple campuses.






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