Bow tie your laces | RUN COLORS sneakerstore

What is it?

Color Run is a sneaker store in Poland . It has a very minimalist design through the gray walls and no brands throughout the store. Only on the shoes is the brand of the shoe itself . The antique sofas in the shop complete the picture of minimalism in a sneaker store. The dull gray pattern is broken by the colored ropes throughout the shop . The name Run Colors refers to the laces of the sneakers, this is also their logo. The ropes throughout the store represent the laces in the shoes.

Why is it cool?

The shop is cool because it is different than the other sneaker stores . In other sneaker stores there hang brands everywhere and large posters with heroes of the sport world. This is a store who only show sneakers and no brands. On the shoe itself , you see what brand it is, and the staff can explain how they walk.

Why it has future growth potential ?

Man is completely overwhelmed by the great masses of advertising. This store has no advertising. The shoes are sold as the shoes themselves . You see more and more stores become very minimalist. Humanity is done with all the commercials so they are overwhelmed and want quiet stores where they want to look at ease to their purchase.





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