Chew on Chow food | CHOW

What is it?

Chow is an asian restaurant with western influences. This is also known as Pan Asian Kitchen . In August 2013 the restaurant was open to the rozengracht in Amsterdam . The chief cook called Lex Cook and is known with his team to make delicious dishes. The building has been given a makeover after it was formerly a tastinghouse of Bols . Casper Reinders and Thijs Murre have given the building a distinctive look. The restaurant has a few special art works and vintage furniture . This look inside is also in the courtyard.

Why is it cool?

The food style is not very innovative. Pan Asian Kitchen is in fact already used in many cuisines . But the device , however, is very innovative. Combining vintage furniture and works of art is a beautiful combination . You see things on the wall that you will not easily find in another restaurant . And certainly the fishbone in the middle of the restaurant is very well known in Amsterdam.

Why it has future growth potential?

It certainly has a lot to offer for the future . The Pan Asian Kitchen is not innovative, but it is emerging. There are more and more Pan Asian restaurants. This can become very popular in the future The device is now only get positive reactions . I think that more restaurants gonna use this combination of art and vintage.





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