Elliott Sailors | From Woman to Man

Who is it?

Elliott Sailors was until recently a female model that was registered with Ford models. She was successful and was asked for many campaigns. But she was getting older and was asked less and less as a model. She was told that she was too masculine, and too old.  But when she know men can also become a model at a later age, she came up with an idea. Why wouldn’t she continue her career as a man?


Why is it cool?

A female instead of a male model was no problem. Men do not feel intimidated and women do not feel offended. The Gender Neutral blows up even the modelling at higher brands in fashion. The woman and the man are not far apart in terms of behaviour and appearance. Many women cut their hair in a male model and have male clothes. All part of embracing the trend of the Gender Neutral .

Why it has future growth potential?

Female models are pushed away at increasingly younger ages. Above 30 your chance for a career in female modelling is over. But men can continue till a much later age. If you are a woman and you always hear you have a masculine face, why wouldn’t you continue your job as a man? Thereby male models becoming more feminine in their looks. Eventually, you will not see the difference. I expect multiple models eventually see this as an ideal way and also take this path.


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