The New Dandy | Just cared or maybe Gay?

A dandy is a male person who pays great attention from his view of life to his appearance. Dandyism began as a form of resistance against the French Revolutions, around 1790. After an era where mostly was central emancipation, now you see the dandies back again. But what is a dandy exactly? And why do they come all the way back?


What is a Dandy ?
A dandy is a male person who is doing a lot to his appearance. Dandies of today there are very known to always wear things that are tailor made. And often too expensive and separate substances. They also have a number of characteristics where the dandies of today often look for. The most important of these are the distinctive socks, striking cut, accessories, grooming striking, eye-catching items and the most challenging for most makeup. You also see many campaigns now  with dandies in it. So you might be familiar with the campaigns of Dove for men, in which the beauty products specially brought forward for men This is also a sign that a new dandy occurs, the man is becoming more refined.

Why is it cool ?
From 1994, the term metrosexual began to live in society. The media has played in, and there were so-called role models. This metrosexual was very well dressed and spent time in a lot of time to themselves. Sexually arose now the dandy, the man who paid attention to everything. From this metro This is increasingly done as strongly evident in the media that you are perfectly should look like. This perfection is achieved through all areas to take care of yourself.

But also from the trend of individualism, you can watch the dandy. The men also want to be unique and express themselves with their appearance. The new dandies do so through separate combinations wear distinctive clothes and makeup. This allows them to stand out and really they are a separate person.

Why has the future potential ?
The men are still in the midst of a long -term trend of masculinity. The men are back in a come back to be able to express themselves. Long has only the woman can only express now and femininity become very important. But now the man in attendance, he gets his own style. This can be very large because this is a way to express themselves in comfortable yet masculine way.


How to become a Dandy ?
Striking socks | Choose crazy colours, patterns and fabrics. But there is a fetish.
Striking cut | Think: baggy jackets and trousers, short legs or sleeves, pleated and / or double breasted jackets when it is out of fashion.
Eclectic combinations | Choose colours and patterns that have nothing to do with each other or to boldly combining casual items ( e.g. sneakers ) with formal wear.
Excess of austerity | Choose different layers, or even studied simplicity.
Accessories | Think: purses, monocles, weird ties, chokers, frivolous scarves, wrist and neck straps, gloves and headgear.
Striking grooming | Grow a moustache for example, and twist the ends of dots, or work with your hair with peroxide. A goatee or a strange whisker are possible. Choose a striking addition to perfume that you make special leave.
Wear makeup | Well, this is an option for the real daredevils, few men dare this, so with a layer of foundation or nail varnish on the status of your nails is dandy established immediately.
Notable Items | Contribute wherever you go something remarkable with you, such as a whip, a cane, a ladies purse, a pipe, a dog, a typewriter or a ghetto blaster.



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