Hood by Air | Streetstyle and transgenders

What is it?
Hood by Air is the new brand of hip hop. After that famous rappers like ASAP Rocky , Kendrick Lamar , Kanye West and Drake wore the brand it became a hit in the world of hip hop. The brand is growing and thereby getting weirder and weirder. So they put their s/s 2014 show down with a weird thing. Sometimes you have to look before you can see who is a man and a woman. The clothes are not really helping on it to see the difference. Men and women wear skirts but also thick snow boots. This contraction of the two sexes is also seen in the people they sponsor. They sponsor the rapper Boychild and Mikky Blanco. Mikky Blanco shows in his videoclips both sides, so in the first part you see him as a man, and the second half as a woman. Boychild is actually a man but dress and behave like a woman. Both transgender sponsors Hood By Air. But why would a brand that focuses on street style also focus on transgender?


Left: Boy Child, Right: ASAP Rocky.

Why is it cool?
The man and woman are now simply not far apart in terms of behaviour and appearance. The gender Neutral is suddenly a lot more popular and transgender people are also becoming more acceptable in society. It’s a smart move by HBA to sponsor the two opposites. Hereby shocks the brand a lot of people but it also make sure that the brand is accepted in the world of hip hop and the homosexuals .

Why has the future potential?
The brand is just new to the world of the fashion industry. It is only recently recognised as a true fashion label . Now they also sponsor the rappers who are influencers for many people, and thereby also transgenders who for their target are influencers, they get a super large audience. The brand is becoming more famous as they now are increasingly discredited. This is good for publicity and it can continue to grow.

HBA S / S 2014 show
Below are a few designs with the models of the HBA s / s 2014 show . Go and have a good look now what a woman is and what is now a man.



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