“Hip Hop” T-Shirt | Just a white tee

What is it
The hip-hop t-shirt comes from the collection that Kanye West has designed for the brand APC. It is a plain white shirt without any print on it. The shirt is proclaimed by Kanye West (aka Yeezy) to Hiphop t-shirt. And so the shirt is worth $120.


You should think: “Really, Is there nothing special about the shirt?”. Of course there is something special! The shirt has short sleeves, ribbing at the neckline and is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. Apparently, people liked it and found it so special that the shirt was sold out within an hour.

Why is it cool?
Kanye is now one of the biggest influencers of this time. Not only in the music, but also in the fashion. And he finds himself also very important.

“Yes, he ‘s an egomaniac, but he’s a useful naif who Believes the entire world wants – no, needs – to hear what he has to say and to see what he does.”

Many people look up to him, known rappers to small street urchins of 10 years. He excels in his music but also in his clothing. In an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe on BBC 1 , he says (in reference to the leather jogging pants) that he is one of the biggest influencers in fashion.

Kanye West is a good example of someone who lives in the culture of Narcissism. He thinks he’s so good, and also bring himself as a great person so strong. People really see him as an icon and also want to look as good and just as confident as he is. Especially by men is Kanye a major influencer, but also women start wearing that what he wears. A lately example, on the street you will see lots of leather trousers which are inspired on the leather jogging pants which was Kanye’s idea. And especially when he designs a collection, it’s very popular. And certainly in this collection is a very special item, the ‘Hiphop’ T-Shirt. And of course everyone wants to have a Shirt which is pronounced as Hiphop shirt by Yeezy himself.

Why has the future potential ?
Kanye keeps coming up with new things in the field of music but also in fashion. Often these are some shocking things that comes back in the media. Almost everyone has an opinion about it and many of them put it on the internet. Kanye remains in business and can apparently sell a regular white t -shirt for $ 120. What can we expect even more Yeezy?



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