Rick Owens Woman S / S 2014 | Angry Models

What is it?
Richard Saturnino Owens, known as Rick Owens is an American fashion designer. He shows in October 2013 the womenswear S/S 2014 show. This was not a standard fashion show featuring thin models do their walk and go back again. No, at this show there were real girls from stepping teams from America. However the standard colours of Rick Owens clothes (white, sand, black and brown) were clearly been seen in the show. And, of course, was the sport look that Owens always got to see in his clothes. But it was for a lot of people a shock to see many snarling, stomping, not ‘perfect’ models in a fashion show at this level.


Why is it cool?
This is a show that has shocked the fashion world. As blogger Susie Bubble wrote: “One of the most provocative and pertinent statements I’ve seen in a fashion show.” Parisian models are always long and thin. But now there is much ado about the diversity of models, this was the outcome for Rick Owens to express his opinion. He did deliberately show the real American girls to the world. These are the people who are fans of his clothes, and he obviously knows that all too well. Rick Owens acceptance variety of beauty, he said in an interview: “We’re Rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty.” Owens wants to go against the flow of the creation of idealism to put down this shocking show with ‘real women’.


Why has it future growth potential?
Rick Owens made his point clear in the world of fashion. In the hope that more people will use plus size models. Maybe not as extreme as in the show Owens, but so that the models are not so awfully thin.

Want to watch the show once yourself? Here the link of the youtube video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WfAmL-dIBQ



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