ING | Bank Details for companies

What is it ?
ING wants to earn money from the sale of bank data. Companies can gain insight into the payment behaviour of customers of the bank. Those companies can then send advertisements that are tailor-made for the customers. That Hans Hagenaars, Director Individuals at ING, said in an interview with The New York Times.



Why is it cool ?
People are not positive about this, but mostly scared. But you can also watch them in a positive way. The companies where you never buy anything and will never buy anything, you will not even try bothering you. But when you buy often clothing, you will get advertising on clothes. When you need to keep a household and often buy things at the supermarket. Isn’t that handy when you ingest offers from that supermarket?

Why it Promotes the Quality of Life ?
It will improve the quality of life of people because people don’t have to do any afford to keep their important offers. You get to know things about your interests or purchases.



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