Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit | Shoes As a Sock

You are a runner and you’re looking for new shoes. But many shoes doesn’t fit your feet and feel stiff while you’re running. Where can you find the shoes that will perfectly fit you like your favourite pair of socks? Nike has the solution, Nike free 3.0 Flynkits. 

What is it? 
Nike free 3.0 Flyknits are the new design of shoes from nike. They are designed for running but because their perfectly fitting their also used for casual wear. Nike has designed the Flyknit shoes for the desires of costumers for ‘Snug (and virtually unnoticed) fit of a sock’. It is ultra lightweight and breathable because the Flyknit upper is completely made of polyester yarn. In this unique type of seamless stitching they’ve thought about the stability of the feet. Where your feet need more stability the stitching is tighter and more open where the feet wants more flexibility. 

Also have they combined the Flyknit revolution with the technology of Nike free. This is a sole which is ultra-flexible in de midsole what gives you the experience of bare feet running. The minimalistic sock liner works with the shape of the feet, this ensures comfort. And thus, you can wear the shoes without socks, because they’re already like socks on your feet. 

Why is it cool?
It makes the shoes new because shoes were never designed to fit like you walk on socks. The new weaving technology and the flexible outsole you’ll experience the walking like mother nature has devised. This makes the shoe innovative with a little authentic touch. Many people start wearing those shoes because they feel so amazing on your feet and thereby look awesome. You should wear them for your health improve while running and also for your social status because they are good looking. 

These shoes are cool because they protect your feet while you do not feel them. And while they will also look to make sure that you really look amazing when you’re walking down the streets with your nikes on. I think this technology will influence the sneaker world and also influence the world of sports.



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