The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub | Train Station in The Air

The population of the world is growing and so will the train stations. More and more people need to travel by train to go from A to B because the ways are overfull or the CO2 emissions are way too big to be allowed to drive a car. But the train stations can never be so large that they take almost every place in town. How can we build bigger train stations without to take too much place? Christopher Christophi has the solution for this first world problem, the Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub.



What is it?
The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub is a huge vertical train station. The concept will flip the traditional train stations so they wont take that many land in use. It is a great cylinder shaped skyscraper where on all sides trains can ‘climb on’ with a high speed. For further technically details you can go to the site Christopher Christophi has designed this skyscraper station for a design competition and because the USA and UK are always in to maximise the economic growth of their cities.

Why is it cool?
Never is there a train station built vertically. No one dared to think about it. But with all the new technologies the craziest dreams can come true. The innovative part I probably do not need to explain. Maybe for the people who do not understand in brief. The trains run from A to B, but at the station they are vertical. Innovative huh?
Can you imagine? All train stations are just skyscrapers. All that space that will be released! Your life will improve because you have more free time because of the high speed the trains will have. Due to the fast connections between stations and also from the low surface using the railway will make a city a lot better to the environment.

It is a beautiful design, but still very far ahead imagined. They predict itself that the first plans for this will not be made before 2075. Then it may perhaps be a success. But for now I’m going with confidence by train from 2014.



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