Powerhouse Alliance by Snøhetta | The new way of building

You know that ugly roofs with solar panels? Yes those people are on the right track for environmentally but will have to use normal urban energy just like the other people. Why can not a building be built that generates all the energy for themselves, and perhaps even more? This building is designed by Snøhetta. Read on to know little more about this innovative new building of the future.


What is it?
The Powerhouse Alliance is a office building in Norway. It’s the first Architectural concept for an energy-positive building in Norway. The building is built to its environment. All the sun will be collected and used for the heating system. And the water from the sea will be used for the heating system and the cooling system. Thus, there will be no energy need be used. The building will generate all the energy itself.

Why is it cool?
It is new in architecture because it was one of the biggest challenges that would provide the renewal. There has never been such a large building built that entirely could take care of themselves. More and more architects will probably now take into account the energy use of buildings. So cities will be completely independent in the future. It will improve the quality of life on different aspects. On material wellbeing because the housing quality will be affected by the new construction techniques. And development and Activity because when you are at work in such a building, you will have the perfect conditions to be productive. And your social wellbeing will be affected by the positive affect on the building and your own satisfaction and fulfilment to be good for the environment.



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