Butcher Corella | Shows us what we are eating

You buy a piece of meat at the butcher. But from what kind of animal is actually a pork chop and what part of the animal is it? People no longer know what they eat and corella wants to prevent that from happening. They wanted to show consumers what they eat and what part of what of the animal they eat.

What is it?
The butcher refused to renew his identity while he has asked for help to fauna. These two have come together to create the new packaging of Corella. The packaging is kept as simple as possible.
“The successful route that was taken by the design firm was to establish a clean and coherent look to take the mess out of the purchasing process.” (http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/corella-meat-packaging)
They have chosen for the packaging for a white background. For the packaging of the cheese as well as the labels off the meat. On the white background they have black text and a black simple drawing of the animal that has been used. The package is topped off with gold or red squares to point out the part of the animal where the product comes from. For example a pork chop, on the packaging will be a pig on the front with a square around the shoulders.

Why is it cool?
It is new because no butcher shows clearly on the packaging with images where the meat comes from. This is an innovative solution because it allows people to see where it comes from, but without the shocking images. I think it’s going to be popular in the future to show where the product comes from. Be honest with us as a producer, you’ll end up as the best.




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