I Love Coffee | A Blog Full of Fun Food Facts

You also drink so much coffee? Well, I sure do! I prefer to drink a bunch of those sweet flavored coffee from the starbucks. But now I recently saw a blog passing, http://en.ilovecoffee.jp/, on this blog they have so much information and fun facts about coffee. Through this blog, I really think differently about the coffee I prefer to drink.


What is it?
‘I love coffee’ is a blog filled with fun quizzes, drawings, facts and information about coffee. And sometimes about other things that the writer, Ryoko, find interesting. But as she sometimes facts that people do not know on it. As example How many calories are in a drink from STARBUCKS? or 6 things you never knew were caffeinated.

Why is it cool?
The new thing about this one is that not many people combine the important role of transparancy on food and drinks with cute drawings. It’s cool because all rise facts that you might not otherwise know. There comes in a fun way quite a lot of information about food and drink. A fun way to use the transparancy so!





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