De Vegatarische Slager | A Butcher Without Meat

I like meat very much, I prefer to eat it every single day. But I also know that eating meat every day is not good. So how can I keep my nice meal every day without eating every day meat? The vegatarian butcher in the Netherlands has the solution. This Butcher has meat what is not really meat.


What is it?
‘De vegatarische slager’ is how the Dutch say it. It is a butcher who sells meat containing no real meat. There are only vegetable meat substitutes in the structure, bite and taste of a real piece of meat. The idea of the vegetarian butcher comes from the Dutchman Jaap Korteweg. This idea became a reality together with Niko Koffeman and Paul Bom. Central is the taste of meat but without using real meat.

Why is it cool?
Freeing animals from the food chain will be of tremendous benefit in terms of efficiency, animal, nature, environment, climate, biodiversity and global food supply on an unprecedented scale. Also the innovative way to stop eating meat will opens a whole new world for many people. “At present, the world has 600 million vegetarians, it is expected that this number will grow very rapidly, currently eats only 10% of the Dutch daily meat. The Netherlands has 800,000 and 3.5 million vegetarians meat leavers – See more at:” More transparency you can not ask a butcher who no longer works with meat. And explains everything to you if you ask something about how it is asked.



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