The situation: You want a cup of tea and fill the kettle with water. When the water is boiling, you fill your cup of tea. But when you want to put the kettle back you feel that there is still remaining water in the kettle. It’s not your main problem in your life, but it is a big problem because almost everyone recognize himself in this situation.


What is the problem?
You are not the only one that is overfilling their kettle, 65% of the people overfilling their kettle when they only need one cup of tea. All this extra water being boiled requires energie and it is been calculated that all this energie of boiling kettles is enough to light all of the streetlights in England for one night.

But who doesn’t overfill his kettle? At least, I don’t know anyone who fill their cup first, put this water into the kettle and then cook this exactly amount of water. It isn’t even possible because the most kettles are designed to have a minimum amount of water. It is a design flaw that is not often discussed.

Miito – reimagine the electric kettle from Miito on Vimeo.

How Nils thought of this idea?

The waste of energie is not the first problem what he has out. At the beginning he irritate himself about the ugly look of the kettles that he saw. ‘They always look like a kind of high-speed trains, like the futuristic objects which must always be a sense of movement in processed.’ And admit, the kettle you have at home is not the most expensive looking device you ever saw. What made the difference was the TED-Talk from Leyla Acaroglu. Because of this presentation he thought of a decisive idea. A kettle that is so easy in its use that you won’t even realize you fight against energie waste.


How does it works?
You’ve got a black induction plate and a metal stick which you move freely. When the stick stands on the plate the device will be switched off. When you lift the stick and put it above the plate in a glass (or any other vessel), the underside begins to heat. When the water is boiled you put the stick back onto the plate and the device will be switched off again.

What is the future potential of the product?

  • The product is efficient because you only heat the amount you need and it also saves time and energy.
  • No limestone because the form of the stick minimizes calcification. This makes Miito cleaner and more quiet than electric kettles.
  • Works with any vessel, so use your favorite tea mug or kettle when you have guests.
  • Works also with any liquid, as example Miito can heat milk for your coffee or even your soup for lunch.
  • And last but not least, Miito looks better in your kitchen than a standard kettles!

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