The situation: You should leave your house and you’re too late. You put your clothes on quickly, grab your stuff from all around your room and you put on your shoes. But wait, put on your shoes quickly is not possible when you want to wear sneakers. Now there is something that will solves the problem, Nike has come up with a new shoe. Well actually Nike has not invent this, the creators of Back to the Future came up with the idea. And the idea is…

Nike McFly superlaces

Nike McFly Powerlaces, Self-Tying sneakers, exactly the same shoes the leader actor in the movie Back to the future II (1989), Marty McFly, wears.

Back To The Future II

In the film Back to the Future II, they have three times: 1955, 1985 and 2015. Between these three times Marty McFly travel to put everything right. In one scene in 2015 he puts his shoes on and this would be the shoes from the future. These are the shoes that are actually being released this year, the year of the ‘future’.

Nike Mag

In 2011 Nike brought the Nike Mag Superlaces to the market. 1,500 units on Ebay and 10 exclusive units at an auction form Nike itself eventually yielded 9.4 million dollars. All this money went to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease research programs. The shoes had already anything, except the self-tying shoelaces.

New McFly’s

According to TIME, Nike has confirmed that the “power laces” technology that comes with the self-lacing ability will finally be featured in the brand’s upcoming line of sneakers. It took them almost 6 years to build the shoes and they had to restart the project about 3 times to complete the project. Now, a team at Nike is planning to release the shoe this year. So are you ready to put on your shoes really quickly from this year onwards?

Patent aanvraag Nike Superlaces


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