No a days you see a lot of individualization. We see more freelancers and more one person households. This means a lot of people eat alone for diner. If you are at home this is not really a problem, of course it is not very cosy, but you can cook for yourself and sit on the couch and watch your favorite program on the television. But what if you are in another city? It is not nice to sit in a restaurant on your own, you can feel people staring in your back. So what can you do for those people who are traveling alone for work or Leisure? AirDnD came up with a great idea, namely ‘’A Livingroom restaurant’’.

AirDnD is created by GuiltyPeople. AirDnD stands for ‘’Drink ‘n Dine’’ and is a website were a hobby chef can apply and invite people to have a three course menu at their own houses for different prices. A hole new way of gastronomy! At the moment the website is only active in Amsterdam. The goal of the website is to give hobby chefs the opportunity to show there qualities and passion about food. Currently there are 700 hobby chef active on the website. As individual you can go to the website, choose your favourite menu and make contact with the hobby chef. This way you can eat together with the hobby chef and sometimes even the family of the hobby chef or more individuals that applied. Those people can give you personal do’s and don’ts about the city.
On the other side the hobby chef can show her/his cooking skills, meets new people and makes a little extra money. So it’s a win-win situation.
The trend that you can see at this concept is:’’ Livingroom society’’ . You do not only have the feeling that you are at the living room but you are really in a living room to make you feel very comfortable and make new contacts. Because of this you will be not alone the next time you visit this city. I hope in the future you can find those hobby chefs in every city, it makes travelling on your own a lot more easy! I cannot wait to go to Amsterdam and discover the menus of those hobby chefs.


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