We all recognize the quotes on products that we buy in the supermarket like: ‘’Sugar free’’ or 10% less fat’’. This generation does not fall for this type of pronunciations. It has to be true otherwise it was not allowed to be on the package, but if there is no sugar, what else is in there to keep the flavour? I am sure it can be no good as well. How would Dutch packaging’s look like if they would be really honest? is giving you an answer on this question. One evening a man called Marcel Steeman was sitting on the bench and he thought, I am going to start my own blog to put this packing issue into the world. He is the leader from D66 what makes it a little bit more easy to get attention on the internet. He wants to make a point with his website and make people think about this issue but at a funny way. At the blog he post a picture of a product how it really is, and a picture next to it with in his eyes the truth. The blog was a hit very fast! It got very popular and people gave him tips about packaging that are promising strange thinks. The first one he posted was about ‘’de Ruijter’’ fruit sprinkles. There is nothing fruity about this product. It consist of 96% sugar! So a better word would be ‘’sugar sprinkles’’.
Because the blog is so popular, it shows that people wants transparency. You do not see on the outside that you are eating components from a Beaver! And that is not fear for the human being and should be allowed.


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