Jumbo’s soup of remaining vegetables, misshapen vegetables, is the newest product in the supermarket called Jumbo. They wanted to do something about the misshapen vegetables that are not high standard enough for sale and so got thrown away. It is a total waste because the taste is exactly the same! In a soup you cannot see that the tomato had two stalks or the carrot was crooked because people would not like to see that and you will not taste any difference. Jumbo is honest about the fact they use those products and are proud of showing it. They want to be an example for the society and show them how to decrease the number of food waste.

There are four flavours: soft tomato with honey and thyme, spicy tomato with basil, fresh carrot soup with orange and lime and beetroot with honey and lemon juice. The price of one soup bag is €1,99. I think this is a very reasonable price for a still good quality product. To be honest, I think those soups are more special and have more flavour then the soup bags of Unox.
I think any kind of business that is not afraid to be transparent, people will appreciate you because of your honesty. If you don’t tell people you used misshapen vegetables, they would be upset if they find out, and they will find out sooner or later. But if you do tell them they respect you for your openness and world view and it is their choice to buy it yes or no. At the end, everyone wants to make the world a better place right?
With those soup bags Jumbo is part of creating an ‘’open world’’ with honest products that do not deserve to be thrown away. They are committed to a worldwide problem named food waste and everyone should be a little bit more open about those problems, face them and do something about it.


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