It is Christmas and you are having a lovely dinner with your family. You are all having fun and after dinner your mom decides to do a little talent show with the grandkids. You want to do something funny as well. Unconscious you put a pencil of the table into your beard. Maybe you can do something with this! Let’s put as many as possible pencils into my beard.. It got over twenty! Everyone was laughing. So if you can put twenty pencils into your beard, what other kind of thing you can put in your beard? That is interesting, let’s try out!

This is how ‘’WILL IT BEARD’’ originated. They posted their photos on Tumblr and Instagram and got very popular. This popular they started to post a photo each week. You can see those pictures at http://www.willitbeard.com and you can follow him on Instagram. But why do people think this is funny? Why is this happening?
People are like herd animals. We are always looking for people who are kind of the same type then our self and we want to be a part of a group. This can be with family, sport, school, going out etc.
But the difference between animals and people is that we besides being part of an group, also want to have our own identity. And we have creative ways of showing this. Here you see it with a crazy touch to a beard, but you also see glitter eyebrows, extreme lipsticks, coloured hear and fashion. The point is people have the freedom whatever they want to. It doesn’t matter how you do it, people do it and I think it makes the world a lot more fun. Increasingly you see companies where employees can choice their own outfits. High schools are not attached to high school uniforms anymore what makes it more easy for students to create their own selves. This is a big shift during the years.


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