In the summer of 2016 ‘’Healthy Fest’’ is breaking true with their first festival. This is not only a music festival but a festival for the whole body. A festival that gives you energy! The question is, why this kind of festivals are coming up? Why are people looking for this kind of festivals? I guess it has something to do with the way we look at things and how we want to be. Our values about ‘’beauty ideal’’ changed.

Healthy Fest is a festival all about sport, mind, food and friends. It has to give you energy instead of making you tired. During the three days you can challenge yourself with work-outs from professional trainers and health coaches. You can select your own personal program.
Healthy Fest is created by a group of creative people together with Dove, Skyradio, Kruidvat, YogiTea, Liv and Giant. They all have their own work-out, activity or reading at the festival. The location of the festival is at ‘’Center Parcs de Eemhof’’ . This location has a nice atmosphere because it is into the woods and at the water with beach. Perfect for a festival like this on the 3rd , 4th and 5th of June with hopefully nice weather.
Before you go to Health Fest you create your own personal program for the three days. You can think about, Yoga, Grit, Bodypump, Poolfootball, Master your mindset, Vijnana Yoga, Foodtrucks, but also relaxing on the beach, watch a movie or enjoy the foodfestival with your friends. You can make it your perfect weekend that gives you an energy boost.
These days the beauty ideal changed from very skinny to healthy looking. Not only healthy looking but also really being healthy is very important for a lot of people. Because of the hard working these days food has to be easy and fast. As result people get fatter and fatter. This festival is a counter- reaction on this issue. People do realise their lifestyle is not the best for their bodies and health and want to do something about it. It is not easy to just change your daily life, therefore, a weekend like Healthy Fest would be a good option.
You also see other ways that business show this shift in identity, like ‘’Torus Athletica’’. Thorus is a company from Australia. They make t-shirts and tank tops with their own personal touch what makes them recognisable. They try to stimulate people to move their bodies 30 minutes a day with their t- shirt on to reach their peak levels of health of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health.
The main point of this festival reflects to the world changes about our ‘’beauty ideal’’. Have a healthy body and mind and you will be happy. For the future it can stimulate people to life more healthy because they really feel better if they do. They can get healthy older and enjoy more of their lifetime. It really improves the quality of life at social, emotional and physical aspects.


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