Yesterday La Cité du Vin opened her doors for the first time. La Cité du Vin is an entertainment complex all about wine! They swap Mickey for Merlot..

The entertainment complex is located in Bordeaux, France. The building is a statement itself. Two architectures designed this building with a lot of passion for the wine. They thought about every detail. It is modern, impressing and has the shape of a gnarled vine. The building is ten stories high and is designed to offer people the space to learn and teach them all about wine and the various process of making wine.
La Cité du Vin has twenty exhibitions about wine spread out on those ten floors. People can join movies, masterclasses and wine tasting during the day. This must be amazing for young adults, who are getting too old for the general entertainment complexes about Disney figures. At La Cité du Vin young adults can learn about wine, taste the wine, be with friend and perhaps get a little bit tipsy. They founders of La Cité du Vin created a special documentary about showing the harsh and difficult circumstances on sea where wine traders need to act in. To make this documentary more real, viewers will be invited to step into a boat ride to make the experience as in real-life.
The times that you go with your whole family to entertainment parks is a little bit over. Big brothers and sisters don’t need to take care of their younger brother and sisters anymore. Parents decide to take fewer babies to take care of and this changes the way of ‘managing’ a family. What is also changed is that in the old days you were running a business ass a family. Now a days people work for themselves. This means that young adults have more time for themselves and self-development. People can take that extra bit of time to invest in themselves, to have the ability to make decisions about for instance work, education, travel, love. These young adults have a couple of things in common like friendship, education and being a part of something important and therefore explore and getting known more about the world around them. In this case, the world about wine.
My opinion is that La Cité du Vin is an eye opener for the society because it reflects the needs and interests of the young adults in current life. Every aspect about learning and exploring the world of wines is inside this building. They want to spend time with their friend, having fun and learn something.
For the future, maybe this is the new way of education. Maybe this is the new way of educating. Imagine that students can learn everything they are interested in on the exact same way as when exploring the world of wine.


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