Heating your home cost a lot of electrisity. So can you imagine how much electrisity a whole city cost? or the whole world? That cost a lot of money! I am happy to their are already sustainable solution for generating energy, like solar and windmills. but their are also small solutions you can apply for your own home.

Egloo is one of those solutions. It is a Italian crowding project. It is a pottery stove that can heat your whole livingroom. This with only 4 tealights. Tealight are burning for like 4 to 5 hours. During this hours the Egloo with heat your room up with 2 till 3 degrease higher. You can think that is not much, but a few desgrease higher can be much more comfortable. Besides that, it really decreasses your heating cost.

Egloo is made by four elements namly: the base, the grill and the two domes. The base is the ”ground floor” where you can put the tealights on. The grill is made of metal and places on top of the base. The grill also serves to let air in, so the tealight continue burning. Then you have two domes, one thinner one in the central of the base, and a external dome, who takes care of the outgoing of the warm air into the room.

This solution is small but if everyone starts with a small thing like this we can make the world a better place together! In the future this Egloo could be more effective for bigger buildings and maybe can be incorporated into walls or something.


Egloo kacheltje verwarmt hele kamer met 4 waxinelichtjes


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