Jessica Alba is an actress from California. She plays in very popular movies like: ‘’Little Fockers’’ and ‘’Fantastic Four’’. Besides being an actress she thinks there are more important things in live and she likes it to share her money with others. She thinks it is important to have honest products in the world… Together with Christopher Gavigan she starts: The Honest Company’’ to give children a better and safer start.

The Honest Company is an online web shop and blog all about baby products. The owners of the company, Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, decided to start this business after they got kids themselves. Jessica loves it to be a mom and she thinks it is the best job ever but it also has his consequences. You are always worried about your kids and especially about the products you use for them. You feel responsible and want to make sure you give them products that are safe. These days you are not always sure about this, so she decided she wanted to start her own company: The Honest Company. For Christopher, his motivation is that there are a lot of unaware risks posed by everyday basics, like diapers, home cleaners, body washes, and laundry soaps. He is father of three children and the former CEO of Healthy Children Healthy World. A company that protect children from toxic risks. The Honest Company is a reflection of him. This is everything that is important for him.
People just don’t know what happens with the products they buy, for example the baby food in China, it’s a disaster! They Business is making use of this situation and lie to people, but everything comes out. It’s makes people afraid and do not have trust in the world anymore. It is time for more transparency. And that is what The Honest Company does.
One example of a product of The Honest Company is Fruit + Veggie wash. This is a spray bottle with a plant based formula that makes sure your fruits and vegetables are truly clean and safe to eat. You just spray the wash on the products and wipe it off. It is more efficient than water and it left no taste. Besides this it also helps up to safe to food longer, almost twice as long!
I think The Honest Company is an example for the world and if all kind of business become more transparent, we would have a real ‘’open world’’. It would be better for everyone.


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