During the 60ts last century it was not able to talk about sex in the Netherlands and the rest of the western culture. It was a real taboo. If men where interested in a woman they needed to complete a million of assignments before they could even ask her hand for marriage. Not quite easy. And they could dream about having sex with a women but nothing will happen before marriage. That was strictly prohibited. So what did al change in the time between till now?

Now a day man and women are equal in every aspect. They are both allowed to work, keeping on the household, make the choice to divorce and spend their money. They are also both allowed to speak about their sex lives. Man and women are less prude and some like to share questions or experience about sex. For example the ‘’Nationale seks test’’ on the television on RTL. This is a program all about sex. They ask the participants questions and let them do some assignments to see how much they now about the subject ‘’sex’’. They talk about the human body, ways to have sex, personal details about the participants sex lives, numbers and facts, and everything else around sex. But how is this big shift in the society possible?
One of the most important changes for this shift is the Birth Control pill. Because of this pill women are in control of their own bodies. They don’t need to be afraid to get pregnant and can enjoy sex like men. They can have sex for fun! This shows a big twist in the sex taboo. From this moment sex is a very important subject in the society. Especially the women’s body is central. You see this in art but women themselves make use of it as well. They dress a bit sexy and are showing their body parts to get attention. But now a day women are not seen like a sex object but equal to men. They decide themselves what to wear and when.
This program ‘’de Nationale seks test’’ in an reaction out of the changed during the years. People like it to talk about sex and are very interested. It is exiting to hear other people opinion and get new information. I am very happy that we can speak about sex open in the Netherlands and hope we will do this in the future as well. It is a basic need we share together like food and drinks, so why not?
http://grisha.plazilla.com/page/4295046383/seks-en-erotiek-door-de-eeuwen-heen http://www.rtl.nl/de-nationale-sekstest/#!/356879/video/1e4d24aa-5ddb-4b23-b401- bb9cae5d3348-fred-van-leer-ligt-dubbel-om-grap-rick-brandsteder/ http://www.vpro.nl/metropolis/kijk/collecties/themas/de-wereld-over- seks.html?currentPage=1#media-collection-episodes


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