There exist 1000 types of cocktails and alcoholic drinks in the world. The structure of those drinks are always liquid. Because the drinks are liquid, the alcohol always goes throw your liver. Do you think it is possible to get drunk bye not drinking liquid alcohol and skip the liver? Bompas & Parr conceived an answer on this question. They created a concept called: ‘’Alcoholic Architecture’’ were you inhaled the alcohol instead of drinking it.

Alcoholic Architecture is created by Bompas & Parr, a design studio located in London. The studio is specialised in experience design, culinary research, architectural installations and contemporary food design. The bar ‘’Alcoholic Architecture’’ is located next to the earliest Gothic Cathedral and old Monastery in London. Those building where the inspiration for the taste of the ‘’Alcohol inhalation’’. They are based on the drinks that the monks made like: Trappist beer, Chartreuse and Buckfast (strong wine). Because you skip the liver and the ‘’alcohol inhalation’’ goes straight into your body, you will be drunk faster comparing to liquid drinks. That’s why it is aloud to be inside the bar for maximum 50 minutes.
The bar show authenticity, there is now other bar like this. This bar is part of Experience Economy because it is a total different experience to dance throw the alcohol clouds and get drunk slowly while you are drinking a non-alcoholic cocktail. You can enjoy the fully 50 minutes with dancing!


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