A friend or someone in the family is very ill. But you need to go to school, to work and need to pick up your pens at the dry cleaner in the afternoon. In the meantime, you have no idea how this person is doing and that annoys you. All day you ask yourself the question: how is this person doing?

Aware is an application for your smartphone. This application ask a few time a day how this person is doing. They can fill in how they are feeling. For example they are perfect, fine or maybe not so well. In case the person is not so well you can anticipate on the situation by calling someone to go there of go yourself somewhere between your busy schedule. This way you are more comfortable with leaving home and the sick person feels save even he or she is home alone.
In principle everyone can use this application how owns a smartphone. People who live alone, but also students who stay sick home or backpackers who are traveling alone. veiliger/


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