Do you know the famous ‘’Bratz Dolls’’? These dolls are 4 girls who are friends with each another appearance. One is blond, the other brown and the eyes are blue, brown or green. But they all have clear things in common: they have big boobies, big eyes, full lips, narrow waist and most of all a lot of make-up on their faces. Is this a realistic image of the woman we see these days?

Currently transparency is very important for the society. We want to know what is in the product, where it is coming from and who made it. We would like to know every single detail and business cannot hide those information anymore. You see this most of all in the Food industry, but how about the total society? Why should people ’’ hide’’ or ‘’cover’’ the truth? It is very normal for girls and even boys to put on mascara, eye liner and foundation, but why are we using this? I guess because of the ‘’ideal picture’’ we have off people that is unreal. How can people be happy with themselves if they need to look like a character that is not even achievable? If you think about it, it makes no sense at all. But the world is waking up and you see various actions around this issue.
Sonia Singh a mom from Australia did an amazing thing with the famous ‘’Bratz Dolls’’. She gave the dolls a make-under. By this she makes them look like real girls. She says: ‘’Sexy skinny dolls are not a good example for children.’’ The Bratz dolls a popular in a no-time, especially with mothers of young children.
Barbie also came with the introduction of the ”New Barbie”. Those Barbie”s are in realistic shapes and length. I think this is a very good move and will let people think about the way the live and see themselves and other people. They can be more happy with themselves.. It will improve quality of life because people can focus more on other important things in life instead of worry about there bodies, ENJOY !


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