Now a day a funeral is very grey and basic. They are all in the same space, with the same flowers and the same coffin. Except of the pictures, the people and the music they are all comparable and the space does not shows personality. The complication is that people do not have the farewell they wish for. A funeral is very important for you and your relative so it has to be perfect. How can we make a funeral more personal and colorful? ‘’Kassiewijle’’ created something new for this problem. They designed a setting in which you do want to be found dead. A total different experience.

‘’Kassiewijle’’ is the work off the company: Visser en Meijwaard. Visser en Meijwaard is a design studio by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard located in Gelderland, the Netherlands. Products that are distinct and minimalistic is the goal of this design duo plus making use of versatile materials. They started Visser en Meijwaard in Juli 2012 after both finising artEZ Hogeschool for arts Arnhem.
After some projects they designed ‘’kassiewijle’’. They designed a setting in which you do want to be found dead. They did this together with Linda Nieuwstad how created the flowers, with ‘’Studio Knockout’’ who were responsible for the ceramics and Kevin Rijnders the photographer. Visser en Meijwaard created a small and big coffin. The coffins are created for during the funeral ceremony. The coffin can be closed or open and exist out of three parts, the undercarriage, a stretcher and a cover. This total setting shows authenticity and personalization because it is new and different than other funerals.
This design improves the quality of life because people get the funeral they deserve. With this design they show how colourful life was and still is. Relatives are more reassured that they did everything to make it a beautiful farewell. An special experience for everyone. In the future everybody can be more creative with their funeral and have it the way they deserve.



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