These days people are careful with spending money. They want to make sure they spent it on something good. This means hospitality needs to change something. They cannot just go for a mark- down every month. They need to do something special, something that makes the customers’’ fully engaged’’ with the hotel. Make sure they will always stay in your hotel instead of picking an other one their next visit. So, how can you make your customers ‘’fully engaged’’ with your hotel? Hotelnothotel has invented something for this problem. They made a new design: ”The livingroom hotel’’.

Hotelnothotel is a place located in Amsterdam. Each room is designed by a different designer and shows his own identity. Not only the rooms are designed, but the whole hotel looks like one big livingroom! You do not have the feeling at all that you are walking in a hotel, that is where the name shows up: hotelnothotel. They have rooms like: the secret bookcase, Amsterdam tram cart, crow’s nest and printed house. In all those rooms the atmosphere is nice and warm. You can personally pick the room you prefer the most for the perfect ‘’feeling home’’ experience.
‘’ We are different’’ is a pronunciation you hear a lot, but this hotel is really different! This concept is very clear a ‘’livingroom society’’. They do not have a hotel lobby but cosy sitting areas between the rooms. It is intended to make people feel like home and enjoy a night in a hotel room. It is a total new experience to sleep in one of those designed rooms and this is where people where looking for. People want to feel comfortable, appreciated and special. Hotelnothotel is an place which meets all of these requirements.



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