How much do we know about the food that we eat and the drinks that we drink? This question is very common in this society. Because of industrialization, the food and drinks are further away from us and we have no idea where and how it is made. But the fact is, a lot happened with the food industry during the years. How can we pass on this information to the people? Bompas&parr created a museum for this problem.

Bompas&parr created the British museum of Food (BMoF). This museum is located in London at Cathedral street. The museum will open January 2015 as a proof of concept as it seeks a permanent home. The museum motto is: ‘’From Field to Table, Mouth… and Beyond’’. The BMoF pays attention for the cultural institutions, the history, evolution, sociology and art of food. With this museum they are hoping to inform the people about the combination of food and imagination. The main goal is to showcase the exciting elements of food and making people aware of what they are eating. They will showcase nutrition in combination with health and culture. They will exhibition different components:
 Be the Bolus – the Peristalsis Experience
 Choco-Phonica – a sonic wonderland focused on chocolate
 The British Menu Archive – a selection of historical and beautiful menus
 The Butterfly Effect – the story of the unsung heroes of pollination
 Atelier of Flavour – a gallery showcase of food as art
The museum shows a total new level of food. People get informed but especially get inspired by the creations of the cooks of BMoF. It is an experience for everybody because food is very important for yourself and the next generation.
The British Museum of Food will improve quality of life because this museum can advise the government policy makers about food and food production. If the government has more knowledge they will pass through this information to the citizens.


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