FOOD TO BE EXPO is part of The Stec – platform for latest technology. They present FOOD TO BE, everything about food, design and technology of the future. There are four themes: Connected, Healthy, Continued, Smart and Enough. It is located at the ‘’klokgebouw’’ Eindhoven and the event will be from the 31 of may till the 5th of June. They want people to experience a travel through the future of food.

I would like to comment the topic Connected in this blog. This topic is about the importance of eating together but also about how little we know about our food chain. It irritates us that we don’t know where our food is coming from and how it’s made. We are afraid it is not Fairtrade and the way it goes wright now is wrong. But how can you do something about it if you simply do not know where to start? How more we know, how more we can give direction on our food chain ourselves.
This problem has to do with the industrialisation already a few years ago. People went from farmhouses to the big cities for a job at one of the fabrics. In the big cities you lived as close as possible at the fabrics like all the other employers which creates small houses close to each other. Because of this there was no space for your own cattle and vegetable garden anymore. So there needed to change something. Food needed to come from the farmers outside the city and they needed a way of making it easy to get food. So they created a market and little family business in the cities with each there own product and years later the ‘’supermarket’’. The supermarket is a really important move on this topic. Because of the supermarket people can go to one store and get everything they need like bread, meat and milk. But that makes them further away from the origin of the products. If people don’t know where to food is coming from, who taste that the milk got watered? Who sees that the cattle never comes outside? People make advantage of this situation. But like they say, everything comes out and people start to distrust people and their business. What makes us that we want to go back to the old times now a days. We want fair products.
Now we try to go back to this fair time, but with a touch of technology. Connected wants to connect bye new technologies that gives us the opportunity to connect, purchase together and share knowledge about food. These days it is possible to buy your own cow or pig when they are small and let them live healthy with enough space and at the end you eat is. That is fair to me.
In the future, food will connect us un in other ways, like the project of Marije Vogelzang, Eating Designer. She says: ‘’Eating is about connection, always. By eating your automatically connected with the farmer who let your food growing and all the people in the chain between it. By your choice of kind of food you eat, you are connected with the landscape and biodiversity.’’ I cannot wait what we will see in the future about our foodways


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