SNCKBR, come over to the light side….

Who does not like food from the snack bar? Fries, pancakes, pizza, you are not going to tell me you do not like one of them? The problem is they are not healthy and healthy food is important these days. So SNCKBR came up with a great new concept, really good food for a really good mood.

SNCKBR is located in Amsterdam, the city of hipsters, tourist and driven people. This is the perfect location for a concept like this because people feel attracted to new, healthy food. SNCKBR makes with sustainable ingredients, comfort food with less fat use, sugar free, if possible gluten free, carbohydrates, vegetarians or vegan and always free from other stupid, not healthy ingredients. Nothing of the food got fried.
The menu shows at each dish how many calories it contains, if it is vegetarian or vegan. They are honest about everything. The menu also has VTMN SNCKS. Every snack of those contains the recommended amount from one specific vitamin.
Personal I would love it to go here someday. It is amazing to know what you are eating and what is does with your body. It is not strange that people sometimes don’t know if products are healthy yes or no, they all tell you something else in this society. But here at SNCKBR you can let that feeling go and enjoy a good plate of food!
This SNCKBR arises from the trend, transparency, the open world. Honesty about products, business and people. Let people know what you are doing and how you are doing is, they have the right to now.


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