Ikea presents the Kitchen table of the future in other words ”A table for living”. A kitchen table and kitchen counter in ones. That the kitchen is the central point of a home is something we want a long time already and you see this more and more in all type off houses. I personally love a big kitchen in the living area with all the family around.

Think of everything you need in a kitchen, a scale, a stove, a plate warmer, charger and most of all cookbooks and recipes and information about the food. Imagine your kitchen table can give you all this information by putting the product on the table? So it weights your flower, it tells you what to
make with a tomato and shows you the recipe how to make a pancake. It would be so much easier to cook for everyone. The table helps you step by step. In the meantime, on the other side off the table, your friends can drink a glass of wine and talk with you.
The Kitchen table of the future also means you need less kitchen materials and less space in your home. The fact that you need less materials is better for the environment. This kitchen is also made to make use of recycling. For example, the sink separates clean and dirty water, the dirty water goes away and the clean water get used for the dishwasher.
This idea has big potential for the future, I cannot wait!



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