If I walk on the street and I see people who lost an arm or leg, I feel so glad full that I still have all my limbs. I can walk, dance, run, write. Whatever I want to. I think sometimes people need to realize it could be different.
It is not fare for those people who cannot do whatever they want to. When I saw an article about a man who lost his forearm nine months ago and could feel again, it made my day. He could tell if the object was round or square and he could tell if the object was soft or hard.

This gives a lot of faith to people in the future. Unfortunately they robot arm is not ready for use yet, it needs improvement for real time use. But most important, the first version worked.
If the designers from this ”robot arm” can offer this arm on the market in a few years, maybe a few years later there will also be a ”robot leg” and it will go so far, they can imitate skin. aap-voelt-voorwerpen-met-robothand.dhtml


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