Let’s go back to the prehistory, when people needed to arrange their own food by hunting and searching. It was a whole different food culture. They didn’t use a fork, knife and glasses to drink from, because they simply didn’t had the materials for it. But what they do did, was eating and drinking from leaves. That is our inspiration for the plate we know these days, that came many years later.

In some ways we would love to go back to this era. This because it is ‘’fair’’ food. It is how nature is meant it to be. Animals need to life into the wild, materials should be natural and not provides pollution.

Pedram Zolgadri and Carolin Fichter designed plates that are 100% made out of leaves. Their company is called: Leaf Republic. Their inspiration for this plate is that they wanted to create outdoor tableware that you can reuse and is biodegradable as a leaf falling from a tree. And they are the first one who did it! The special thing about this leave plates, is that they are recyclable. But to realize this idea, they needed to work with a team together. The first step they took was press the leaves together with a food-powered stamping machine. After that they needed to create molds by 3D printing. They use a CAD (computer assisted design) machine. With the molds it is more easily to compress the leaves together.

The plates are made by palm leaves. They exist out of tree layers, a bottom layer of leaves, a middle layer of paper made from leaves, and then a top layer of leavers. Together they are made into the shape of a plate. They are waterproof as well!

Besides the plates, you also see this ‘’subject’’ in other thinks like: ‘’Een varken kopen’’. Here you can by our own peace of a pig knowing it has a good fair life, like it supposed to be. I think this ‘’subject’’ is a great innovation and I hope one day we will all eat from those leave plates to make the world (a little bit) a better place.



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