Plastic is fantastic right? It is easy to use, cheap and strong. But how about the environment? From all the waste in the ocean, 75% is plastic. What is a lot! But it is not only plastic that is the problem, but the whole pollution of the ocean is a problem. So what can you do about that?

Professors at the University of California Mihri Ozkan and Cenbiz Ozkan designed a swimsuit with an eco-friendly activity since this bikini acts like a sponge that absorbs the impurities and the pollutant oils that we can find in water. This is possible because of the material named nano-carbons. This is a product coming from sugar. The bikini is made by a 3D printer and looks cool as well.

This sponge bikini transforms the only swimming’s experience to also a eco-friendly activity. The bikini consist of 2 elements. The first one is the hard but flexible cover what fits herself to every body type. The second one is the filler. This material is a super-hydrophobic carbon based material called the Sponge. This is a light but strong material and is intended for the absorbing.

Besides this amazing bikini you also see other statements around this world issue. Like a few years ago in Rio de Janeiro, the big fishes. The big fishes came out of the sand and where made from plastic bottles from the beach. They wanted to wake up people that pollution the sea is a big issue and you can start with yourself doing something about it.

So we try to make the world a better place by getting more sustainable solutions what is great. But let’s start cleaning up first. If we can make a bikini like this right now, where are we able to in the future? Maybe we invent a big machine that can clean the hole ocean. That would be great right?

http://www.yourshape.com spongesuit.
The big fishes – plastic bottles installation -> Rio de Janeiro (feeldesain.com)


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