Als ik al mijn blogpost bekijk en ga clusteren is er één thema dat overduidelijk naar voren komt, openheid. Openheid, toegankelijkheid, eerlijkheid -> Clearness. Niet meer gesloten, geheim en onbereikbaar. Relaties tussen partijen en mensen veranderen, het word meer één. Dit zie je terug in verschillende sectoren:

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Plastic is fantastic right? It is easy to use, cheap and strong. But how about the environment? From all the waste in the ocean, 75% is plastic. What is a lot! But it is not only plastic that is the problem, but the whole pollution of the ocean is a problem. So what can you do about that?

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Let’s go back to the prehistory, when people needed to arrange their own food by hunting and searching. It was a whole different food culture. They didn’t use a fork, knife and glasses to drink from, because they simply didn’t had the materials for it. But what they do did, was eating and drinking from leaves. That is our inspiration for the plate we know these days, that came many years later.

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If I walk on the street and I see people who lost an arm or leg, I feel so glad full that I still have all my limbs. I can walk, dance, run, write. Whatever I want to. I think sometimes people need to realize it could be different.
It is not fare for those people who cannot do whatever they want to. When I saw an article about a man who lost his forearm nine months ago and could feel again, it made my day. He could tell if the object was round or square and he could tell if the object was soft or hard.
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FOOD TO BE EXPO is part of The Stec – platform for latest technology. They present FOOD TO BE, everything about food, design and technology of the future. There are four themes: Connected, Healthy, Continued, Smart and Enough. It is located at the ‘’klokgebouw’’ Eindhoven and the event will be from the 31 of may till the 5th of June. They want people to experience a travel through the future of food.
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